Safe Space

Safe Space is an alternative crisis service offering Peer Support that works in partnership with our statutory mental health team.

Safe Space addresses mental health crisis in our own community, supported by people with lived experience. A safe, homely environment is offered and access to support that is needed at that time.

We are a powerful connection and believe that the journey towards mental wellness is a shared experience. The team are passionate and are ready to support through open and honest conversations. 

We are here to listen and create a sense of belonging and understanding, empowering you to find the strength you have within yourself.

Every person we support, their mental health journey and crisis, is unique and we offer a range of specialised support services to meet your needs. 

We have the resources to guide and support you.

Safe space is a place to be heard, make long term plans, face to face appointments, support telephone calls and somewhere to take a step back from the crisis and have time to think clearly.

The service operates 7 days a week from 2pm - 2am for 365 days a year.