Here you can find multiple resources about PFG Doncaster, our work and peer support.

Film: 26.08.23

The Value of Peer Support

Peer support is one of the best ways to liberate the potential for citizens to change the world for the better.

Article: 20.01.23

How We 'Deliver' Peer Support

The People Focused Group empowers people to take back control and then to make their own life choices.

Webinar: 27.09.22

Peer Support Around the World

Peer support is a transformative force for social change with many different forms.

Article: 28.03.22

Safe Space

Safe Space is the first ever Peer-Led Crisis Service and it's run by the People Focused Group (PFG) Doncaster.

Story: 07.03.22

Molly's Poem

Everyone in life is dealt a different card. Some have life easy, some have it hard.

Story: 07.03.22

We Are Not Service Users

People should not be defined by the services they use, services should not treat people as their property.

Story: 25.01.22

A Dark Childhood

Claire Louise hopes her writing will help others reach out and get help.

Paper: 14.07.21

Growing Peer Support

A report on peer-led crisis support in mental health services focusing on the work of PFG Doncaster.

Webinar: 03.03.21

DCWW England: PFG the Home of Peer Support

Members of the People Focused Group (PFG) in Doncaster explain what peer support truly means.

Slide: 15.12.15

Peer Support meets Community Development

This presentation shares the inspiring work of the People Focused Group Doncaster (PFG) in their local community.

Film: 18.11.14

Peer Support

Simon Duffy talks about one of the Centre's Fellows, Kelly Hicks and the work of the People Focused Group (PFG) in Doncaster.

Paper: 31.05.12

Peer Power

Simon Duffy explores the inspirational work of the Personalisation Forum Group and its efforts to improve their own lives and challenge current mental health systems.

Paper: 01.02.12

Support Buddies - Peer Support Works

The Personalisation Forum Group, winners of the Great British Care Awards People First Category, have published an account of their simple but powerful system of buddying.

Paper: 19.09.11

Peer Support

How to promote peer support as an element of community brokerage and the new script for social work.