Molly's Poem

Everyone in life is dealt a different card. Some have life easy, some have it hard.

Author: Molly from PFG Doncaster

This poem was shared at Its Our Community Part 3 which explored a new vision for children and families social care.

Everyone in life is dealt a different card. 
Some people have life easy; like me, some people have it hard. 

Life is full of tears, my tears to scars.
I don’t have that fancy lifestyle, won’t have those fancy cars.

My life isn’t a fairytale, more like a scary dream.
21 years old, you couldn’t imagine what I've seen. 

My life is worse than a prison sentence. Oh I wonder what it could of been.
If I grew up like the normal kids, I could have been such a happy teen.

Instead I’m in a home where nobody shares.
Living this scary life where it seems that nobody cares.

The closest thing to family is different members of staff.
They're all trying to change me, send me on a different path.

But what they do not realise is the damage has been done. 
Questioning whether to change my life or end it with a gun.

It would only take one bullet and my life would be over.
I wish my parents were normal I wish my mum was sober.
Drinking every night every day and new hangover. 

Dad in & out of prison and doing different drugs
And they wonder why I hang around with these little thugs.

I try and switch my emotions off. And act like I don’t care.
But I’m just a little girl & I wish that they was there.

It’s their fault that I'm angry; it’s their fault that I swear.
Mummy & Daddy should've changed for me, NOT get me put in CARE.

I’m angry all the time, sometimes I scream, sometimes I cry.
People expect me to forgive them but I won’t until I die.

I know that there my parents and they brought me into this earth
But they’ve been this way ever since my birth.

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The publisher is Citizen Network Research. Molly's Poem © Molly at PFG 2022.