Celebrating Rupert Suckling

This month we said goodbye to a dear friend of PFG Doncaster, Rupert Suckling.

We were very pleased to be able to join everyone in celebrating all that Rupert Suckling has achieved for Doncaster as he retires from his role of Director of Public Health.

Kelly Hicks, Founder of PFG said:

“Rupert was one of the first leaders to not only recognise the power of peer support but also to invest in communities in a way that has allowed PFG Doncaster to grow into the organisation we are today.”

Simon Duffy, Director of Citizen Network Research said:

“One of Rupert's many important initiatives was to commission Citizen Network to evaluate the social and economic contribution of PFG Doncaster. This led to growing awareness of PFG's impact and a new methodology for social value.”

We will miss his enthusiasm, encouragement and support for Doncaster's community!