PFG is the People Focused Group.

PFG is about peer support – people helping people – making everyone’s life better. PFG began life in Doncaster in 2010 and we’ve been growing ever since. We’re now in Penistone, near Barnsley too.

You can join us or you can just copy us. 

Read our story so far here.

PFG Doncaster is a member of the global community Citizen Network

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is peer support?

A: It’s just people helping people. People sometimes forget that the people who sometimes need some help are also often the bets people to give help. We can all help each other – it makes us all stronger.

Q: Is Peer Support a new system or job?

A: No. Peer support isn’t some new role for professionals. It’s not an organisation funded by the government. It’s people helping each other.

Q: Can anyone come along to PFG Doncaster?

A: Yes. Anyone – just turn up.

Q: Can you tell us some stories?

A: Yes. We are going to publish lots of real human stories on the website soon.

Q: How can we add things to the website?

A: Send your requests or ideas to Nicola via email: hello@citizen-network.org

Q: Is PFG Doncaster part of Citizen Network?

A: Yes. You can find out more here.

What we do

People are powerful, creative and fun to be with.

We’re all different. We’ve all got something to give. We all need each other.

People who’ve experienced mental illness, poor health, disability or difficult times still have tons to give the world.

PFG makes good stuff happen by helping each other.

Over the past few years the things we’ve done include:

  • wellness centre
  • fitness
  • cycling
  • awards won
  • local events

What people say about PFG

“Hi Glyn, Thanks for sending through these pictures. I agree with you, it was such as great day! I just wanted to take the opportunity again to say a massive thank you to you Glyn. Our workshop has been the talk of social care today!! I’ve had some really amazing feedback. You spoke from the heart yesterday Glyn and your words were very powerful in supporting staff to understand motivational interviewing. You should feel really proud. I personally am so proud of what we did yesterday. I’m really excited to build on this! As discussed I will arrange to come to the wellness centre in a couple of weeks time so we can have get together to reflect and discuss next steps.”
Annika Leyland-Bolton
Head of Service

Join in

We meet up in the real world

Wellness Centre
45 Montrose Avenue
Telephone: 01302 618 507
Email: kellypfg@gmail.com

And,  we connect using social media – especially Facebook: