Peer Support

Our mission is to help as many people as possible. We work together to find solutions, do fun things and get involved in the community. People who’ve experienced mental illness, poor health, disability or difficult times still have tons to give the world.

  • If you're hungry we'll provide you with a meal.
  • If you're lonely we'll come and visit you.
  • If you need help finding work, we'll help you prepare your CV.
  • If you need educational support we provide creative writing, mass lessons and more.
  • If you use drugs or alcohol we have a peer supported addiction group. We also run Wellness Recovery Action Planning Sessions.
  • If you need help with benefits and social welfare advice we can assist you.
  • If you struggle to make appointments peer supporters can help you get there.

We are a holistic community service that want to help as many people as possible.

Just having someone who's not a close friend or family member to talk to can make all the difference.

There's no referral policy, you do not need to be referred and there's no criteria to attend. You can simply walk in and access our services on the same day.

Q: What is peer support?

A: It’s just people helping people. People sometimes forget that the people who sometimes need some help are also often the bets people to give help. We can all help each other – it makes us all stronger.

Q: Is Peer Support a new system or job?

A: No. Peer support isn’t some new role for professionals. It’s not an organisation funded by the government. It’s people helping each other.

Q: Can anyone come along to PFG Doncaster?

A: Yes. Anyone – just turn up.

Q: Can you tell us some stories?

A: Yes. We are going to publish lots of real human stories on the website here soon.

Q: How can we add things to the website?

A: Send your requests or ideas to Nicola via email:

Q: Is PFG Doncaster part of Citizen Network?

A: Yes. You can find out more here.