Wellness Centre

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Creating a Global Peer Support Network

We are all different, we’ve all got something to give and we all need each other!

Focusing on Health

It's important to pay attention to our health and our wellbeing.

Muslim Ladies Group

We aim to make sure Peer Support is available for all of our community and find ways to include people.

LGTBQ+ Support

Until now, there has been little support in Doncaster for our LGTBQ+ Community.

Community Wardens

Following a successful Winter Pilot Project we now have Community Wardens in 2 neighbourhoods in Doncaster.

Bumping Spaces

Bumping Spaces are places within the community that we have re-energised as the heartbeat of communities.

Safe Space

Safe Space is an alternative crisis service offering Peer Support that works in partnership with our statutory mental health team.

Creating the Change

Creating the Change is a creative response to mental health services in Doncaster. Asked by Jan Smith.

How PFG Helps Me

Being a member of PFG has helped Glyn to shine and celebrate who he is.